On behalf of the trustees and staff team, we are delighted to announce that Joe McKeown has been appointed as Interim Director of Youth Link: NI.
Joe has been an integral member of the Youth Link staff team for over 14 years and takes over the role from Gordon Woolsey.
Joe is married to Paula with 2 children, Anna and Lorcán, 2 chickens and a cat and a dog!
Outside of work, Joe volunteers with SVP and is involved in several international development charities. Joe is an amateur bee keeper, guitar player, podcaster and enjoys watching a good movie with his wife!
Joe’s journey with Youth Link started over 20 years ago through Youth Link’s training programmes which were a stepping stone into higher education leading to a Degree in Community Youth Work and a Masters in Theology and a Masters in Youth Justice.
Youth Link has played a pivotal role in Joe’s journey of reconciliation, helping him to forgive others and become a peace builder.
Joe began full time in Youth Link in 2008 as Training & Development Officer, then in 2017 Joe joined the Degree Programme as Professional Practice Co-Ordinator / Lecturer working until 2022 when Joe commenced his most recent role as Research & Curriculum Development Officer.
On commencing the role, Joe said, “Young people have the power to change the world around them, and youth work is an encourager and enabler in this process. Going forward over the next 5 years, it is vital that Youth Link pursues the Common Good in partnership with the Churches, faith-based organisations and the wider youth sector. We need a new generation of peace-builders and we need to reawaken hope in a divided and diverse society. My hope is that through the power of youth work and peace building programmes, we can enable others to be agents of transformation in their families, communities and that the ripple effect is felt throughout the world. I am excited about the next chapter in Youth Link and thankful to our current staff and trustees and those who have contributed to Youth Link since it began over 30 years ago.”
If you would like to contact Joe, his email address is joe@youthlink.org.uk.