Moorlands NI

Vision Statement

“Moorlands College exists to equip people, passionate about Jesus Christ, to impact the Church and the world.”


Our programmes equip students practically and academically, enabling them to achieve their potential and helping them to overcome any obstacles that might hinder this. We equip our students with tools that help them to be effective Christian leaders who lead and serve others with humility and wisdom. We strive for the best academic practice in all our programmes, encouraging students to develop discernment and insight through intellectually rigorous and culturally relevant training. We seek to deepen our students’ enjoyment of study, instilling a desire for life-long learning.


We aim to cultivate a learning community. We’re concerned about the whole person: gifting, character, values, resilience, integrity, emotional intelligence and well-being, and the ability to relate to and work in partnership with others.

Passionate about Jesus Christ

Discipleship is at the centre of the College’s vision. We long to see our students’ commitment to Jesus and love for God and people deepen and strengthen through their time at the College. The Bible is the basis of our teaching and action.

To impact the Church and the world

The College seeks to positively impact the health and life of the church, both local and universal, through equipping students for transformative ministry in local church and parachurch settings and the world. We pray and seek to see God’s kingdom come and his will be done in and through the work of our students in the spheres of life and work that God calls them to serve in. May that be examples such as education, business, politics, the arts, the charity sector, the local church, or other vocational spheres.