Values, Vision
& Mission

Youth Link’s vision is of Churches working together to build excellence in youth work and ministry towards a just, peaceful and flourishing society based on the common good.

Our Values

Central to Youth Link is the Christian faith which commits us to:

• building positive relationships;
• the personal, social and spiritual development of young people;
• improving young peoples’ lives through positive outcomes in youth work and ministry;
• encourage and support youth practitioners in their personal and professional development;
• developing effective and strategic partnerships;
• building relationships that enable transformation in the lives of individuals and communities;
• promote respect, trust and inclusivity within a culturally diverse society;
• fairness in provision of service;
• integrity and accountability in all aspects of our work;
• nurturing global awareness and interdependence within the human and environmental community;
• applying theological and ethical understanding to youth work practice and to public and community life;
• promote justice, peace, healing and reconciliation in society.

Youth Link’s mission is to:

  • support young people to achieve their full potential;
  • enable young people and youth practitioners to be agents of transformation and hope;
  • promote and provide excellence in youth work and leadership training;
  • encourage and equip young people to participate in Church and community and in the building of a peaceful and inclusive society;
  • partner with Church bodies, youth organizations and relevant sectors with responsibility for young people and youth practitioners;
  • facilitate the development of youth work and ministry within and on behalf of the Churches;
  • integrate equity, diversity and interdependence into all aspects of policy and practice in youth work and ministry.